Fighting for workers' rights and a discrimination-free workplace.


The MCWF recognize that stable, purposeful jobs, that pay fair wages and adequate benefits; as well as offer safe working conditions is vital. We, therefore, engage in legislative and political action; as well as coalition-building, to develop partnerships with private and community organizations, businesses and foundations, labor organizations, environmental agencies, civic organizations, civil rights groups and other similar organizations as well as with local, state and federal government agencies, and their representatives, to improve our position of eradicating unfair employment practices and discrimination everywhere; while, sustaining and protecting access to employment and all public services that contribute to enhanced quality of life for consumers throughout the community-at-large.  

If you feel you have been discriminated against or harassed by your employer or a co-worker, you will want an experienced organization to represent your interests.  Please complete the In-take form so that we may fully serve you.

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