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There are several ways to volunteer with the MCWF:

We need volunteers to help promote legislative and enforcement campaigns designed to improve employment laws for workers and increase enforcement of existing workplace fairness laws. We need people who can help produce campaign materials, organize workers and other volunteers to take action, testify before the Council, write letters to the editor, consult on legislative drafting, host house parties or phone banks, and participate in countless other grassroots advocacy techniques.

We are especially interested in volunteers who can help us maintain a strong social media presence and assist with blogging for our website, posting relevant articles, updates, pictures and videos to the MCWF facebook, twitter pages in an eye-grabbing way.

Please contact us if you have:

  • training or experience with Facebook and Twitter for campaigns or non-profits;
  • strong writing skills;
  • experience writing blogs for advocacy purposes;
  • a general interest and commitment to the mission of the MCWF
  • ability/experience creating memes
  • proficiency in video editing
  • Interested volunteer's should complete the

Our sole purpose is to advise and assist workers. Under the general direction of the Coordinator, Intake Volunteers use a structured intake questionnaire to interview workers about their workplace issue, summarize the interview for advising attorneys, and relay the attorneys’ advice to workers. They may also assist with writing demand letters and filing complaints with appropriate agencies or workplace supervisors.

It is essential that volunteers be able to treat each person with dignity, respect, and compassion and that they show a sincere interest in helping workers. The MCWF works to provide meaningful pro bono opportunities to lawyers and law students, and also welcomes motivated individuals from outside the legal profession to help workers solve their workplace problems. No legal background or knowledge of employment law is required to volunteer at the MCWF.  All volunteers are required to sign a confidentiality statement.

Benefits to the Volunteering: Volunteers develop their experience interviewing workers regarding legal issues. They gain knowledge of different areas of employment law, a new perspective on employee relations, increased confidence in their non-English language skills, and an improved understanding of how workers often struggle to achieve workplace justice.

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