Fighting for workers' rights and a discrimination-free workplace.


MCWF is working to ensure that racially and culturally diverse populations have access to equal and fair job opportunities.  This means being paid fair wages and provided good benefits and opportunities for growth in a safe working environment.  

MCWF strives to achieve this goal through: 

  • Legislative and political action,
  • Coalition-building, and
  • Partnership development with for-profit and non-profit concerns and government agencies at all levels. 


If you have been harassed on the job, wrongfully terminated or discriminated against in other ways, please fill out the INTAKE FORM. Together we can work to address and resolve the issues. 

what we believe

Our Mission

The Multi-cultural Workers' Forum (MCWF) is dedicated to eradicating unfair labor practices and discrimination, including harassment and wrongful termination, at all levels of employment.  Above all, we help current or former employees subjected to these practices address and resolve them.


MCWF offers workshops to empower employees to recognize and identify signs of unfair employment practices and discrimination, however subtle.  We also help victims of discrimination navigate the legal system.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, contact MCWF today. (See CONTACT tab.)